Friday, October 15, 2010


I speak in silence

I glow in the dark

I woke up in ignorance

I live in death

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Most Noble Creatures

try you notice and reflect on the tree

consider the trunk and branches!
There are several hundred plants that live and propagate?
you try to look at the sidelines of the foliage
How many thousands of caterpillars that grow there!
when the plant stems and branches undermine
or when the caterpillars that eat the leaves ...
what ever he is angry?

Consider the birds!
almost every day they throw dirt on the tree limb
you try to look at that dog!
he repeatedly defecating and urinating on their roots ...
what ever he complain?
when people break the branchesor even sawing the trunk
what he had to scream or cry?

when the sun burns ...
when the wind blew ...
when the thunderstorm hit ...
and when the lightning came snatched ...
he was still standing not budge!

Instead he grew bigger
growing leaves, fruits and seeds
feeding all beings that exist in nature
provide clean air are all natural remedy
absorb water and collecting it in the soil ...
bind the soil and nurture it in order to remain fertile ...
and protect all creatures
from the hot sun ...
from gusts of wind ...
from the rain storm ...
and from the lightning that grabbed

Subhanallah ...
truly matchless glory ...

indeed a perfect human beings
but whether it is perfectionable to make it more precious than a tree?
who sincerely maintain the mandate of God
without a sigh or groan ....

Infinite Love

In a quiet ...
audible voice
In the dark ...
visible light
In the silence...
there is a sense of

when you laugh, I was silent.
when you're crying, I was silent.
and when you're silent, I laugh

doesn't mean I do not care
but my apathy is a form of love
by a sense of infinite


Life is a desire gray
Desire is suffering
Pain is virtual
Is there anything real?

What should be mourned

What should be ridiculed
What should be regretted
What should be proud of

What should be believed?

What must be grasped?
For what is believed?
For what grip?